Talib’s Projects

Life Coaching

Talib is currently working with Dr. Patrick Williams MCC (master certified coach) BCC (board certified coach), the founder and Director of Training of the Institute for Life Coach Training, and Honorary Vice President of the International Society for Coaching Psychology, in expanding his non profit organization Coaching The Global Village.  Talib is working closely with Dr. Williams in hopes of expanding The Reconstruction Program as he seeks to incorporate more of a coaching style into the program.  Click here to see updates on this project.

Victim Impact Class

Talib is currently co-faciliating a Victim Impact Course (the impact of crimes on victims) with Dr. Tony Gaskew, PhD., Professor of Criminal Justice at the University of Pittsburgh. This is a course that informs inmates of the importance and necessity of Restorative Justice. The idea is to put a face on crime in order for the inmates to see the harm that they have caused.

Rethinking Prisons Conference

Talib is scheduled to speak at Vanderbilt University’s Rethinking Prisons conference May 3rd 2013. Dr. Gaskew will moderate this forum. The topic will be the outline of The Reconstruction Program: Changing Lives One At A Time.  Visit the Rethinking Prisons blog for updates on the conference.

Reentry Panel

Talib currently sits on a panel dedicated to developing suitable programs that will aid in the re-entry of inmates. This reentry panel was formed to bridge that gap between inmates, prison officials and outside organizations with the intent of developing a partnership that addresses the needs of inmates prior to release into society.

First 365

Currently Talib is working on a idea called the First 365 that records some of the major moments that take place with in the first year of a persons release from prison. It is intended to be a documentary that depicts the transition process of a person who goes to prison as a juvenile and returns to society, many years later, as an adult. How one adjusts to the responsibilities of adulthood while have never been in the free society as an adult, never having the responsibilities of adulthood placed up them, yet expected to function as a productive member of society.

Previous Projects

Previously Talib led a group of men who were part of an organization called COYA (concerned offenders for youth awareness). This work was done in collaboration with the Youth Supervision at the Durango Facility, for the Superior Courts of Maricopa County Az. Some of the other work that Talib has done includes working with organizations and groups that gather information to address the growing concern of at-risk-youth. He has worked with teachers, counselors, probation officers and other community leaders to address the growing problem of juvenile delinquency. The response from his work has been all positive and informative.


Talib is fully fluent in Spanish and Arabic and works as a tutor.  He tutors the GED in Spanish to speakers of Spanish and he also teaches Spanish and Arabic as second languages. His blog A Voice from the Inside discusses various issues surrounding incarceration and education. He is currently working on a book that tells of his story of incarceration and other life experiences that he has had.  His goal is to motivate others and make his legacy be that he gave back to others by inspiring change in the lives of others.


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