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Vote! It’s your Right!

Posted: October 9, 2012 in Uncategorized
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as all of these discussions of being free and educated are being tossed around i want to say that we are at a point in the year where one can express this freedom and ones education by voting!!it think that it is important that people go out there and vote. see i think that when it comes to voting people think that they have to have a real deep political view in order to feel that their vote count, but that is further from the truth. if for nothing else go and vote BECAUSE YOU CAN!!!!! do you understand what that means?? BECAUSE YOU CAN!! whether you like it or not, or even know it, but people (and i say people) actually had to fight and struggle so that all Americans could have that right. now you can put whatever adjective on it that you want, African American, Native American, women, or even white Americans, but they struggled so that all Americans could vote.
to me it is why crawl if you have legs!! now it is time to stand on those legs and get moving.
see people have become real good at talking at or about the issue but when it comes time to get out and act there is a boat load of excuses as to why the ‘time is not right’ ha!

vote for those millions of unspoken for and forgotten Americans that are hidden within these walls and gates of Americas concentrations camps, prisons! and to be blunt that is what it resembles. you want to do something for us/them or whatever. do it BECAUSE YOU CAN!! vote for those that came before you that never got to see the day where all Americans could vote. vote for the women and that sacrificed and suffered abuse as they struggled to gain equal rights in this country. vote for those people that are stuck in third world countries or under the pressures of governments that don’t support equal rights amongst the civilians. vote for those fallen soldiers that we say we appreciate the service that they provided for this country, as they fought a war that they were called to fight in the name of freedom! see don’t make this about Obama or Romney NO! make it about whatever freedom represents and means to YOU!! VOTE BECAUSE YOU CAN!!

see the way that i see it is is seizing the day! it is time to act now and start doing something! see one thing that candidates all agree on is that there are certain people who are not going to vote, and ironically they are those people who have no real voice in politics yet they are effect the most by politics, who is that group, the youth and minorities. and that is where the real threat lies, as this is a country that is made up of minorities and youth, and both groups are growing rapidly.

we have to use the political system that is in place to provoke change in this country. i don’t see how a person that is paying 5 and 6 dollars for a gallon of gas, 5 dollars for milk and a arm and a leg for college education, has a family member behind bars (due to a sentencing guideline that is unfair, so unfair that Bill Clinton himself got on national TV and said that the sentencing guidelines where unfair and had he known the racial disparity that it would have caused between blacks and whites, in terms of crack and powder cocaine, that he would have never signed the bill into act. see that trickled down from the political arena), if you have lost a loved one or a limb, due to a war that was mandated by some gung-ho politician. or you can not get proper health care and veteran benefits you need to vote!!! maybe the one that you vote for may not win but at least you can say when you are having you discussions at the water cooler, bus stops and street corners that at least you got in the fight. and when some one ask you why are you voting? telling you that it doesn’t matter in the end. tell them that it wasn’t about that but i voted BECAUSE I CAN!!!