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” Each of us has our own point of view about things that happen in our lives. We call these explanations stories to emphasize the fact that our points of view are not The Truth. Facts are different from stories. Facts are things we can all agree upon, what we can all verify with our senses. Stories involve opinions, interpretations, theories and explanations. Facts are the “What” and Stories are the “Why.” Most of us are caught up in the stories we believe about ourselves, other people our relationships; we have forgotten that these stories are stories and that we made them up. We are convinced that our stories contain The Truth.” (Bill O’Hanlon)

This is a quote that i used today with my extended coaching class to get the guys to open up to the idea that our stories may not always be the truth. the thing about this quote is that it can challenge the values of a person and that can be frightening, to say the least. Is that dangerous? to not be able to alter your values when you are confronted with a view that maybe different from yours? this is the challenge of many of the men in prison, they are afraid to alter their values as for the longest they have been caught up in their stories, which for the most part are stories that they have created for themselves.

as we look for ways to change it is important that you learn, know, understand and accept your story. not the one that you may have created for yourself, what i like to call your myth, but the one that makes you who you are at your core being. it is important that you wake up everyday and look for a chance to be inspired or to inspire someone else. it may be through a smile, kind word or merely by saying excuse me or i am sorry. you would be surprised how this can inspire others to be, do and act the same. in a place where this is hard to come by i find that if i wake up to this at some point i am inspired and i have inspired. it is amazing how effective this can be. in a world and environment where it is easy to hate, be miserable, depressed, angry, resentful, and bitter you would be surprised how a simple “hey how are you today” can change the mood of a person, it is meeting the needs of being validated. this is inspiring. so i challenge you to inspire someone today. and look for at least one way to be inspired.