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School To Prison Pipeline

Meridian, Mississippi Sued By Federal Civil Rights Lawyers For Operating ‘School-To-Prison’ Pipeline

Federal civil rights lawyers have filed a lawsuit against Meridian, Mississippi and other defendants in which they accuse city officials of operating a “school-to-prison pipeline” that jails students days at a time for minor infractions, without a probable cause hearing.

Students are apprehended and arrested for such infractions as talking back to a teacher, being out of dress-code, or tardy to class.  The lawsuit says incarceration is used as a “medium for school discipline,”  Meridian is not the only place in the country operating this sort of system, but so far it is only county not completely compliant with federal investigations.

Many experts have attributed the school-to-prison pipeline to zero-tolerance policies— a holdover from the war on drugs — that punish all major and minor rule infractions equally, bringing police disproportionately into high-minority schools.