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Deaf in Prison’s blog discusses a new book, Rethinking Madness, by Paris Williams, PhD. This book raises the issue of limiting ourselves to the use of anti-psychotic and other psychiatric drugs in the treatment of mental illness. Can we envision and enact a more wholisitc way to treat and recover from mental illness? Can it be said that successful recovery often involves a deep therapeutic treatment of the individual, not to mention a look into the development and enhancement of pragmatic life & social skills. And what can be said about community involvement and support.

I personally do not advocate against the use of psychiatric medication where appropriate, but I do know that by itself it is insufficient as a mental health strategy.

The International Society for the Psychological Treatment of Schizophrenia (and other psychoses) U.S., is having their annual convention this year in Chicago. I am going to give a speech called, “The Lone Ranger is Busy and Tonto Has Split.” No matter what health plan is adopted for this country, it is going to feature large amounts of heavy-duty psychotropic drugs, given for relatively mild to moderate conditions.

The administration of these drugs has constituted chemical straight jackets to many people, making life-long invalids out of them. The new book that describes this problem, and promotes a solution is Rethinking Madness, written by Paris Williams.

Others have come forward with the same statistics. There has been marked improvement by patients who have stopped their drug regimens, compared with those who have not. We are going to have to solve, or at least ameliorate the serious problem…

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