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here is something that i have used for many years to remind myself of the way of playing the game of life and i want to share this. i call this a daily meditation.

there are 4 ways to play the game of life

1. playing to lose: in this mindset, you find excuses for not doing what you want to do. this is a demonstration of simple laziness.

2. playing not to lose: in this mindset, you do just enough to say you tried and enough to let others know you are trying. however, what you do is not consistent or persistent, nor does it carry the level of commitment required to get you what you say you want in life.

3. playing not to win: in this mindset, you split your time, energy and attention among too many things. you have difficulty completing what you start but you always take on more to do. this is called over-commitment, which results in being scattered.

4. playing to win: in this mindset, you give 100% of your time and energy, attention resources and commitment to a goal. you have clear intentions, and the commitment to it is what keeps you focused.