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Over the past few months there has been a lot of talk about penal reform. A lot hype surrounded the Presidents visit to a federal prison, the pardoning of inmates that were over sentenced, and the initiative to implement a program that will allow for additional incentives during ones incarceration. What does that mean? Nothing.

It was predicted that at least 6,000 inmates would be released from prison November the 1st, 2015. I know here, in FCI Cumberland, there was a lot of suspense and anticipation. The buzz throughout the prison was “2 point reduction” who got it, who can get it, and who was denied it. The process is lengthy, and not as easy as most people think, and the Judge has the final say so. Guys were preparing themselves to whatever news they were expecting. Most guys went about their day, and routine, as normal, unconvinced that they would benefit from these changes. Me being one those guys. November 1st came and went, and all of those guys are still here.

6,000 is a large number of people to be released and from an institution that holds over 1100 people you would expect at least one person would leave. Not one person. So what does this mean? It means  a lot.

Another case, that hits home personally, is the case of a friend of mine that was sentenced to life in prison. Everyone involved with the case, outside of his co-defendants, just knew he was going to walk free. All of the witnesses against him were drug addicts, many who got on the stand and admitted to being coerced into saying the things they were saying against him. There was not physical evidence and the amount of drugs they accused him of selling was about 14 grams. He was sentenced to life in prison. He has filed the appropriate papers for a pardon from the president. He has been told that he fits the qualifications and that it is almost guaranteed that he would be granted a pardon. He has been waiting years now. Just this past Sunday 12/5/2015 a big article came out in the Washington Post. It seems that he has been told the same thing that others, who are waiting for pardons, are told. That it is on the Presidents desk. That he is going to hand pick, roughly, 100 out of 9,000 before the end of December. What are the chances that his case is picked?

There is a lot to be done. But what? That is the million dollar question. We have travelled too far down a road that leads no where. What is worse is we know this but are afraid to turn around and find the right road. As the world around us crumbles the situation becomes even more bleak. Wouldn’t it be nice if life was like a video game where we could just hit the reset button and start over. That no matter what happened we could just pause the game and come back to it. Well, life is not like that so we have to get it right. Or at least not spend so much time trying to get it right. That is the first thing we need to think about when we talk about penal reform. How do we get this right.