The Reconstruct Program


What is the Reconstruction Program?

The Reconstruction Program is designed to introduce productive principles and provide realistic solutions to help reconstruct the lives of people who may be at risk of incarceration, juvenile delinquency, and substance abuse issues, by way of Life Coaching techniques and principles. What we focus on is reinforcing the idea that people can choose to be productive regardless of race, living conditions, and educational background. We like to focus on the strengths of the individuals and not the weakness.

What do we do?

Our mission is: reconstructing lives one at a time.  The goal is to provide the tools needed to rebuild one’s life.  The founding principle is to foster change by building positive relationships and awareness that reframe the way one thinks.  Our comprehensive program includes a treatment plan where individuals put to use the information learned.  We address the need for corrective thinking, restorative justice, victim impact, righting the wrong, substance and alcohol abuse, parenting, and many other issues and behaviors that have become part of today’s social ills.

What makes the Reconstruction Program different from other programs?

We use personal and real events, stories, and experiences with evidence-based and researched-backed principles to address these many issues.  The Founder and Director, Talib M. Shakir, served over 20 years incarcerated when he was incarcerated as a juvenile at the age of 17.  He brings a wealth of experience that translates into real life solutions for the many men, women, and youth that are going through what he has gone through.  That along with the professional experience and expertise of his mentor, Dr. Patrick Williams MCC, BCC, the Reconstruct Program is different in that it has what most programs lack, and that is 1) real life experiences and 2) professional and proven theories that have shown to not only influence change but inspire it as well, thereby promoting healthy living and positive behavior.

Through my mentor, Dr. Patrick Williams MCC, BCC, Founder of the Institute for Life Coach Training, and Founder and Director of Coaching the Global Village, we are designing and developing a program that will aid in the process of re-entry for ex-offenders as well as designing a Life Coaching program for at-risk youth.  The idea is to bring to light the strengths that one possesses, to aid in the re-entry process, and help guide them into that place that will allow them to change these anti-social behaviors.

Dr. Williams is a Master Certified Life Coach who runs a nonprofit organization called ‘Coaching the Global Village‘ and is looking for ways to broaden that org.  His goal is to focus on youth leadership development and that is the one of the goals of the Reconstruct Program as well.

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  1. Great work Talib…this is a BIG transformative idea

  2. Comment from reader Michelle: How could this program be used with incarcerated women that are survivors of domestic violence and childhood sexual abuse and rape? How could you connect area rape crisis centers that usually ONLY work with survivors and NEVER perpetrators (in order to create a sense of safety in the centers)if these women perpetrators were also once victims of sexual violence themselves. Aside from true anti-social personalities, I think this could absolutely work. Bravo for taking on something that I’m sure is very controversial yet much needed. In fact, though I wouldn’t be able to do any such work in person, I was just thinking about this population the other day in jest, thinking..hmmm where are there captive audiences that would be good for coaching by phone? and I thought of incarcerated individuals…but seriously, this is a great and much needed idea to put forth into action!

    • Dear Michelle,

      Thank you for your comment.

      So how does this program work for incarcerated women who are survivors of rape and domestic abuse? there is a lot of room within this program to include work of this type. the program actually began as a cognitive therapeutic program geared towards at risk young men and women. As of late is has taken a different direction and currently we are trying to get other agencies involved. It is hoped these partnerships will expose not only incarcerated women who have or are suffering from the issues that are mentioned here but anyone else that may find themselves of something such as the program. that is the thing with partnership and exchanging of ideas. the main concern that i would be the mental state of these women and the capacity to deal with those issues. with coaching there has to be a willingness to be coached. and it may be advised that a traditional form of therapy take place to prepare them for coaching. aside from this i think that this is something that will be looked at and addressed in the near future. we are still growing and expanding so any ideas, thoughts or suggestions are welcomed. the beautiful thing about coaching is that it can be done by phone and as a group. maybe one day you may consider that as an option. i am sure that as this project grows there is going to be a need for greater involvement from other people who can bring honesty and sincerity to these issues.
      with that being said i want to bring to light another issue that is being overlooked amongst the incarcerated women. and that is the issue of women that are doing time for violating immigration laws. it is a sad and tramatic thing that they are going through. they are literally seperated from there children and their lives are destroyed but the irony is that some of these kids are citizens of the state and have rights to stay. who takes guardianship of these kids? right! they are turned over to the state and often left orphaned. the mother does her time and as soon as she is released she comes right back to be with her kids, who may be lost in the system never to be found again. as there is limited contact from prisons to the outside world. if she comes back to do what most mothers will do, to be with their children, she is once again at risk for incarceration. but now facing more time. so there are many issues that need to be addressed within the penal system, as it concerns women. it just takes the right partnerships and the willingness from others who are aware of these issues to address them. take care.

  3. Thank you so much for the thoughtful essay. As I make my way thru this year, I will try to find peace and opt for love over hard. I appreciate your courage in sharing your feelings with the wider world. thank you.
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