Life Coaching on the Inside

By: Tim Watkins

Today I would like to share with you how I have grown and what I have experienced through being coached. My life coach helps me stay focused and motivates me to strive for the best things in life. For example I am in the process of obtaining my GED and together we set up extra study times, and he is a there to tutor me and that helps keep me on the right track. He also helps me focus on my future, by helping me set life plans for years down the line, so that I can accomplish all of my goals. Mentally, I have grown a lot from being life coached, and it has made me more determined than ever to pursue all of the goals that I have set for myself in life.

Being coached has been a good experience for me. We meet once a week and every time we meet we set a goal for the week that I can accomplish. It is a partnership we both come to the table with ideas that we feel can help each other with. When I need someone o listen and talk to he is there. He helps keep me focused and in the right direction. I would recommend life coaching to anyone, it will make a difference in ones life. Hopefully one day I will develop the skills needed to become a life coach one day.

By: Marcus Womack Sr.
How has life coaching helped me?

Life Coaching has helped me in many ways and it has given me the chance to connect with some older and wiser men. Men who have been through a lot and have a lot of experience. Some of these experiences are things that I as a young man am going through. Being able to discuss my family problems and getting guidance on parenting has helped me to see the many great qualities that I have within. Qualities that I have never taken the time to look at not have I ever paid attention to.

Coaching has also helped me not be so judgmental towards others and to always take into consideration others and give them the benefit of the doubt. I have learned so much about myself that is has been amazing. I have been able to share with my wife some of the things that I have learned and have gotten positive feedback that has made me feel good about myself.

Last but not least coaching has helped me address a lot of anger issues that I have had since childhood. It has helped me to see things from a different perspective. Just having someone to talk to who will listen and give positive feedback has helped me a lot. Growing up without a mom or dad to talk to I feel I needed this very much. I give high praise for this is coaching program.


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