A Voice from the Inside is written by Talib M. Shakir, a current inmate at a federal penitentiary in the U.S.  He has been serving time for the past 20 years, since he was incarcerated at age 17.  His time has been met with many opportunities to grow in terms of education, experience, and knowledge.  A Voice from the Inside is his latest project to bridge the gap of communication between the outside world and those currently serving time in America’s prisons.




  1. Michelle says:

    Hey Talib! Great job on your recent posts!! I shared them as well as posted my thoughts and feelings about your journey on my FB homepage. Keep your head up! And just remember you are doing some pretty amazing stuff from the inside that most folks wouldn’t be able to imagine doing!! You ARE making a mark in this world. Keep writing! Keep communicating with us supporters and followers of your journey. We all have our stories! Keep the faith in YOU! 🙂

  2. hafeeza shakir says:

    I enjoy your page bro. You have done an excellent job. It is amazing! Keep it up.

  3. Daryl Morrison says:

    Hello Brother Talib,
    I am thoroughly impressed at your efforts. You are right on point. Absolutely excellent! I have spent over 23 years in the California Prison System. I am a 55 yr. old black man living in St. Paul. I have been out of prison for less than two years. I have experienced so much of what you have written in my efforts to ‘Assimilate’ How physically and mentally draining. Its good that I am a fortified to keep moving on no matter what. I have determined that helping others deal with the effects of incarceration and reintegration. I recently listened to Dr. Cornel West. What profound information.
    I love you brother Talib for your spirit. Your blessings are enevitable. Ill be a member of your page for life. This is the most important issue in my life.
    Take Care Soldier
    Your Comrad,
    Daryl A. Morrison

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