The Numbers

Posted: March 11, 2017 in Uncategorized

As the say numbers don’t lie. But I want to add they do change. Here are some numbers for you as it relates to mass incarceration and crime and how it relates to the destruction of the black family.
There is a term, “Carceral State”: A sprawling netherworld of prisons and jails. So I guess the USA has added another state to the country.
The US makes up 5% of the worlds population but make up 25% of the world’s incarcerated population.
From the mid 1970’s to 2017 the incarceration population rate jumped from 300,000 to 2.2 million.
In the year 2000, 1 in 10 black males between the ages of 20 and 40 were incarcerated. 10 times the rate of their white peers.
In the year 2010 it was reported that a third of all black male high school drop outs between the age of 20 and 39 were imprisoned, compared to only 13 percent of their white peers.
The cost of 1 federal inmate, on average, costs $30,000 a year.
The population in Cumberland is approximately 1050. That cost of incarceration…$3,150,000,00.
There are over 50 federal prisons.
Taxpayers pay roughly 5.8 billion dollars a year.
The Department of Justice annual budget is approximately 80 billion dollars a year.
Among all black males born since the late 1970’s, one in four went to prison by their mid 30’s. among those who dropped out of high school, seven in ten did.
Sociologist now say that it has become normal and anticipated that black me will go to prison as they transition into adulthood. It has become a rite of passage.
In 1984 70% of all parolees successfully completed their terms of parole without re-arrest.
In 1996 only 44% did.
As of 2013 only 33% complete parole without re-arrest.

These are just a few of the numbers that black men, old and young, represent. As I said… numbers don’t lie, but they can change. We got to change these numbers.


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