Don’t Be the Flea

Posted: October 23, 2016 in Uncategorized


I want to share something I once read.  About a flea circus. I was taken aback because I had never heard of anything like this. Who would waste time, and how do you for that matter, train fleas.  Well, come to find out this phenomenon actually exists. What happens is the trainer puts the fleas in a box with a lid covering it. The fleas, by their very nature, will jump. They jump and jump and jump. The trick to the training is that when they jump they bump up against the lid of the box. After a while they limit their jumping to the height of the lid on the box. The trainer then comes and lifts the lid off the box. The fleas continue to jump but they will not jump the heights they once could. They have been trained. Although, to the naked eye people think the fleas are acting naturally, while in fact they aren’t. What is the morale of this. Don’t be the flea. Don’t allow yourself to be limited by the things going on around you, especially when you know you can jump high. Many people are like fleas. They have been trained to only want so much out of life. They forget to explore. They forget to stop and take in the moment. They live and die without never having thought of jumping out of the box, in order to reach their full potential. Don’t be the flea.


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