False Positives for Visitors at Federal Institutions — Please Complain

Posted: November 3, 2015 in Uncategorized

Dear followers,

Lately we have been getting feedback from some of our readers who have experienced false positives from the Ion Spectrometry Devices used at federal institutions to screen visitors for illegal substances.  These machines are notorious for causing false positive readings on innocent people who have had no contact with illegal substances.  (Alternet: A new machine designed to ferret out drug smugglers among prison visitors is targeting grandmothers, substance-abuse counselors, and other innocent bystanders.)  Once removed by all federal prisons in 2010,  since 2014 they have seeped back into mainstream use in randomized screenings of visitors.  If you have experienced a false positive reading, please voice your complaint.  The only way to demand rigorous investigation into the accuracy and efficacy of these machines is widespread pressure from all who have experienced this problem.  A groundswell of effort the last time around with this issue caused the FBOP to withdraw their use, and pull the machines for maintenance, development, and better callibration.  If you or your loved ones have experienced a false positive, please follow the suggested steps provided by FedCURE to resolve your issue.  Please make sure to write letters of complaint to the warden of the institution, as well as the regional director, the deputy director, and your representatives in Congress.  Continue to exhert your voice until we get a response.  We all deserve time spent with our loved ones.

FedCURE Complaint Procedures

False Positives Cause Problems for Prison Visitors

Use of Ion Scanners in Correctional Facilities: An International Review


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