Why is Dr. Austin testimony important?

Posted: August 3, 2015 in Uncategorized

Many people do not know about this report but it is important that everyone know about it. This report is the testimony of Dr. James Austin to Congress, at the request of Former Parole Commissioner Isaac Fulwood, with regards to the way the USPC handles DC parole-able inmates. In short it was determined that the way the USPC handles DC inmate was too harsh yet the USPC has yet to abide by the recommendations of Dr. Austin. These recommendations and the promise to implement them is a good start to push for change. Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes-Norton is the primary representative for the way the USPC operates. It is certain she is aware of the testimony of Dr. Austin. The question is at what point will she make the USPC acknowledge and implement these recommendations.

Dr. James Austin testimony

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  1. Winfred Robinson says:

    It’s a shame that D.C.returning citizens are but up on this…we need a wider platform.
    Keep pushing from inside your work is out here.

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