What does the religion of Al-Islam teach about violence, disagreement and differences?

Posted: September 5, 2014 in Uncategorized

I have been contemplating blogging about this issue for some time. I know it may cause some controversy. The question is simple.

What does the religion of Islam teach about disagreement, difference and controversy?

Today, we live in a time where people are using the religion of Al Islam to spread hate. As a result many innocent people are being killed and left homeless. It is a tragedy, and quite tragic, to see this type of bloodshed that we are seeing in the news. It is quite tragic to see and hear that others are doing this in the name of Allah, as a means to protect the religion from the “infidels”.

This is not the religion that was sent by Allah to His Prophet Muhammad. The religion of Islam was sent to perfect the character of mankind. Before the time of the Prophet Muhammad the Arab men who were burying their daughters alive, were walking o out and about unclothes, engaging in other vile and despicable behavior. The Prophet, with his message abolished all of these ignorant practices and establish fairness and equality among the people. The Prophet was know as Al-Amin (the Trustworthy). He was known to be a kind, shy and gentle man.

If the example of the Prophet Muhammad is the example set for Muslims how did we get to the point we are at today? How did some of the Muslims get to the point of beheading journalists? How did they get to the point of killing innocent women, children and men? Making them kneel down and shooting them in execution style and left in a hole to rot. This is not the example that the Prophet Muhammad left behind for his followers.

The Prophet was a man who never took revenge for himself. A man who never so much as laid a hand on his servants. He was a man who was known to be soft spoken and never raised his voice.

It was narrated once he was sitting with some Bedouin men and a young child ran up to him. He picked the child up and kissed him on the cheek. The Bedouin man looked at him in disgust and said to him, “I have many sons and I have never kissed one of them.” The Prophet replied, “what do I have for you, from this religion. I have nothing for the one who has no mercy in his heart for others.”

He was once quoted as saying, “Allah will not show mercy to the one who shows no mercy to others.” This shows that he left an example where one is to show mercy and kindness to others.

How can these extreme Muslims claim to be following the Prophet Muhammad’s example as they commit these ruthless acts? It is not possible for them to be following the same religion he left behind. They are interpreting the religion according to their whims and desires. And causing much corruption and bloodshed along the way. They are not following Islam.

Allah says in the Quran, ” O you who believe stand out for justice even if it be against your own selves…” He also said,” O you who believe do not let your dislike for another people cause you to be unjust in your dealing with them.”

So, even if there is something that one dislikes about a person/people it is not Islamic to treat them unfairly. There is nothing in the religion that suggest overthrowing or tyranny against an established government. Rather, it is from the religion of Islam to be patient with the leaders of these established governments. To rise up against them is extreme and causes more harm that good. It is the innocent that are left to suffer and die. It is not for a handful of people to decide for the whole. Especially when this decision will harm the whole.

This is clear advice and warning to the Muslims to be fair and not to be unjust in their affairs. Even when someone is unjust towards them. They are commanded to be fair to others. What we are seeing from the likes of these people is not fairness nor justice, let alone Islam!

It is time for the Muslims to speak out against such atrocities. Silence is a form of consent. To be silent about the issue is let the wrong doers become the leading voice of what others see our religion as. Silence will only further the confusion of who is who, who can be trusted, and what is the true representation of Islam to be followed. To be silent it is consent to the bloodshed and other atrocities that are taking place. To be silent is to agree in part or in totality.

I have taken a stance from where I am at. I speak out and let it be known that the acts of these people is wrong and it is misguidance to hold on to these beliefs. Some many not like it, but right is always right. I would not want this to happen to my love ones and friends. Why would I want it to happen to someone else’s? It would break my heart to see someone I love and care about kneeling in the sand, helpless as they wait the blow of a sword from a man in a mask. It breaks my heart to see this and other acts that are perpetrated by these people.

The beheading of a Journalists, the reign of terror and killing of the innocent is wrong. It should not be applauded nor encouraged. Attacks on free and innocent people should not, must not, be encouraged, endorsed, or applauded. One should not feel joy in the suffering of others. Rather one should be fearful and sadden by the trials that come from these acts and people.

I ask myself what can I do from where I sit? What can I do to discourage others from this ignorance? The most I can do is what I am doing now. Warning of its dangers. Talking to others and educate in what true Islam is and about. Walking and living in a manner where this is shown by my actions is the best I can do now.

Hopefully one day I will be able to get out of prison and live the example of a good Muslim. Hopefully I will be able to use this experience to reach and teach other Muslims, on the inside and outside. Perhaps show the correct manner in which to live, after having experienced hardships, in a mixed society with all races, religions, cultures, genders, values and view points.

I believe that if others can see Islam lived out correctly in the life of someone else, it can be a good example to look at and follow. And not the example that is portrayed by this extreme and radical groups.

I wish I could do more. I wish I could reach out to the loved ones of those affect by this latest criminal act and offer my personal condolences and support. One can only imagine the pain and grief they feel now. Hopefully it does not turn to hate and bitterness. I understand how it could. It is times like these we need to support one another.

From where I sit I am trying to do the best I can. The question is are you doing the best you can do? Or are you going about your normal routine as if this does not affect you. What will it take? Another tragedy to happen. Will it take the loss of more innocent lives? Will it take another senseless act in our backyard? Do you need the reminder of innocent people jumping hundreds of stories in the attempt to stay alive. Do you need to see more images of constant bombing of The Gaza strip. What do you need to see so that it becomes real to you? What will it take for you? More heads of

Do you fuel hate with more hate? They say that those that hate something usually have a high propensity to love. It is often our extreme love for something that makes us hate the opposite.

So, instead of focusing on the hate to change a situation lets use its opposite. Love. Considering the way things are going what is the worse that can happen? It will be a lot better than what we are experiencing right now. It will be more productive too. It is may lead to productive conversations that lead to positive actions.

I challenge myself, as well as others to be more understanding of one another and to work together to change the wrong that is being done, no matter where it is being done at, no matter who is doing it.


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