What Does it Mean to be Redeemed?

Posted: September 1, 2013 in Parole
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I am having a hard at answering this question because it appears to me that there is little faith and hope that I can redeem myself.  The funny thing about redemption is that it often takes someone else  to set the stage for it to take place.  Meaning there has to be a willingness on the behalf of others to trust you enough to allow you the opportunity to redeem yourself.  Almost like a champion boxer, as long as he has the belt he can pick and choose who he wants to fight.  So ones chance at a shot at the title depends on his willingness to let you fight him.  So nothing else matters without his consent.

I feel like that underdog fighter begging for a shot at the title, at a chance to redeem myself.  The one that is often overlooked and never taken serious.  Have you ever seen that person?  Often when that person gets the chance to show off their skills they leave a heck of an impression.

I guess freedom is like that and society is that ring.  I liken it to that in some many aspects. There are a lot of men and women that have been in here training for that big fight and redemption.  The fight that no one thinks they can win.  The fight of their lives.  All odds are against them and all bets are on!  These men and women are begging for the chance to show that they can succeed if given the chance.  The sad reality is that some of us are never going to get that chance and the never have that opportunity to show the world what we really are made of.  We will never get a chance to leave our mark on the world.

Everyone that comes to prison is not bad, even though prison is where they send bad people.  I think that the society is starting to realize this, that all people in prison are not bad.  There are some fighters in here, waiting to get out and show the world that they are not bad people.  They are training for redemption!

I thought that the training that I have been going through for the past 20 years would have made me a good contender for a shot at the title, the world.  But, it is obvious that there are still some doubters out there that do not think that I deserve that title shot.  That I do not deserve redemption.  The only way that I can get out and redeem myself is that they have to let me out and give me a shot at that title.  I know that I will leave my mark and a heck of an impression on the world!  All I need is that shot at the title!

  1. Eva Brown says:

    True redemption comes only from God. God never once said it would be easy, just that He would be with us. I have never been in prison myself but my son has been there 11 long years and I do agree with you, that if given a chance you could show them who you really are. If only some person would give you a shot at that title. There are people out there that will. I am a restraint Manager that has done that with very good results. So far I have only had one to return to prison on a technical violation, 1 went on to better employment 1 has been with me 2 years and 1 just started. All these people needed was someone to believe in them. May God bless you and never give up. God did not take the time to make a nobody. You are in my prayers.

    • Thanks Eva for those kind words and that bit of truth, that the true redeemer is God. That is something that I like to think of when I think of those people that have effected the world, some intentionally and with purpose and others by mere chance or incident. I say incident and not accident because when it comes to global effect one has to believe that there was reason and intent for it. Unfortunately, you have been in prison for 11 years with your son and will be there until he comes home. That is the collateral damage of having a loved one incarcerated. One of the most painful parts of the system.

      I am working on a writing that is called Collateral Damage that I will post soon and hopefully you will enjoy reading. Please keep the thoughts coming.

  2. Talib….hang it there…think of Nelson Mandela and what he accomplished while in prison…and let me know (and others) how we can help make your case more visible….lets get lots of support …letters….tesimony….etc YOu , to me, are a perfect example of a system that is unfair, even to its own rules and standards

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