‘Million-Dollar Blocks’ Map Incarceration

Posted: October 2, 2012 in Reentry
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Today on NPR a news report discusses a new trend in data collection which maps  the home addresses of people incarcerated.

This data collection differs from the old trends which only followed the locations of where crimes were being committed.  Now data is showing what has long been known by people living in these neighborhoods, that there is a high concentration of people being arrested from certain urban areas, now called “Million-dollar blocks” because of the high cost of incarcerating people from these areas.

With this data available, what can we do with it to improve our own communities?  Now that we can see on a map what we may have already known, what strategies can we use to our advantage?  How can this information be relevant in helping our neighborhoods, reducing crime, and impacting reentry?

Click here to hear NPR’s broadcast.  Also visit Justice Mapping Center for more information on the data collection project.

  1. […] have incomes under $25, 000.”   In an article that is posted on my blog, called the Million Dollar Block.   It speaks about places that spend more than a million dollars each year to incarcerate […]

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