What is the Reconstruction Program?

Posted: September 23, 2012 in Inmate Programs, Reentry
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The Reconstruct Program is designed to introduce productive principles and provide realist solutions to help reconstruct the lives of people who may be at risk of incarceration, juvenile delinquency, and substance abuse issues etc.  We achieve this by introducing what is called ” principles of change“.  These guiding principles were developed by Talib , who went to prison at the age of 17 for a period over 20 years, to be used by anyone who wants to create positive change in their lives.  It was during this time that he took every opportunity to re-evaluate his life and turn it around for the better.  He came to understand what it took for someone to break the cycle of violence, crime and recidivism.   These are principles that he teaches now and has done so for the better part of 20 years.  Through his work he has been recognized by many to be a motivational coach and role model, as well as a success story of positive change.

During his stay in prison Talib has organized and taught various classes using these same principles.  He has worked with out-reach groups and at-risk teens and youth through programs commonly known as “scared straight programs.”  What he realized was that once a person has reached that point there wasn’t any scaring them straight.  So he tried another approach that proved to be more successful.  This approach was to abandon the trend of rebuking and use the methods of relating.  He demonstrated to the youth that he could relate by using his own personal experiences to educate about dangers of poor decision making.

The core of the program is based on 3 simple, yet profound principles.

•1 realize that there is a problem

•2 choose to address the problem

•3 learn to build healthy and positive relationships.

These seem simple but there are many people from all walks of life that suffer as a result of not having these 3 simple principles present in their lives.   This mostly is due to emotional intelligence.  It is hard to address certain issues when one has yet to come to understand how to identify the emotions that are attached to certain behaviors.

The goal of the Reconstruct Program is to reinforce the idea that people can ‘choose’ to be productive regardless of race, social and economical backgrounds.  The mission is to use these ideas and principles to find solutions to the growing problems of crime, alcohol and substance abuse, violence, and incarceration.  We aim to help participants move from an unhealthy state of being to a productive and healthy lifestyle.  That is the goal, amongst others, of the Reconstruct Program.


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