inmate mentoring program. what are your thoughts? do you think that inmates can serve as role models and mentors for the youth and others that may suffer from what they have experienced? there are a number of inmates who are serving long sentences and have come to a point where they wish to give back to the community. when one is sentenced to a term of imprisonment the idea is to make amends for the crimes and pay a debt back to the society, yet when inmates or ex offenders try to give back to the community and make this amends they are often hindered from doing so. irony at its best. incarceration is not the amends that is implied. that time serves as a time to gain the insight and make the changes that one needs in order to give back to the community. i think that a inmate mentoring program is a good tool to use to advert the influx of juveniles coming to prison. the main idea of Michelle Alexander book is to come up with ways to stop or at the least slow down what is happening in terms of mass incarceration. what better way to get the real word out than to use the voices of those who can better explain the issues that often leads to incarceration. it works two ways. one it gives these inmates a feeling of purpose and fulfillment, something that many of them are not use to. it gives them the chance to really pay back the society by mentoring someone one on the realties of the life of crime and where/what it leads to. and at the same time it saves someone else’s life. let me hear your thoughts!


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